August 18, 2022
Album Review: Driving Slow Motion - Arda

By Allyson Kingsley

I cannot possibly keep track of all the different genre names out there so I usually just give things a whirl and see how it meshes. Driving Slow Motion is described as a post-rock band that hails from Fort Worth, Texas. Arda is purely instrumental. Many people say they can’t get into an instrumental album but if you think of it, most of what we enjoy is based in instrumental music. For example, when you watch Star Wars, you easily recognize the background music. Or the infamous Halloween series theme…instrumental. Most TV shows or movies always have running instrumentation in the background and we barely pay heed to it. An instrumental piece serves to sink into your subconscious awareness.

 So I set Driving Slow Motion in my car stereo and enjoy a drive through a part of Massachusetts that I find relaxing. Arda is an album brimming with cascading music, fretwork that ascends and descends beautifully. If you kick back and really listen, it creates fantastic imagery of worlds we will never see but can read out in fictional literature. My choice picks are “Of the Sea” and “All I See Are Stars”. This is not an album that I would ordinarily reach for in the mayhem of my driving quests but it certainly made me appreciate the woodsy drive on a cool spring afternoon. The musicians are Dustin Weaver (drums), Carter Stark (bass), Nick Valdez (guitar), Jason Reed  (guitar), and Bryan Freymuth (guitar). If you give a sharp listen and pick out each element, each musician has something different to “say” and yet it all pieces together nicely.






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