October 2, 2022
Al Joseph, The Next Tosin Abasi?

“Music transcends the need for words when the story lies deep within the instrumental movements themselves.” Al Joseph was born in Highland Park, IL the first son of a Southern Caribbean father and Southern Baptist mother. When he was seven, the family moved to Scranton, PA where Al’s musical prowess began to emerge. His Dad, Al Sr., brought home a drum set so Al and his two younger brothers could start their education in the musical traditions of their culture. With what would become a characteristic demonstration of natural talent combined with dedication and commitment, Al diligently practiced for hours upon hours every day.

Motivated out of desperation, Al’s father Al Sr. presented him with his first student guitar, and the rest is history. Excelling at music, sports and academics, Al attended Penn State University where he walked on to play at the Running Back position but soon his passion for guitar won out, and in his characteristic pursuit of excellence, he hung up his cleats, turned in his books, and transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston to peruse his professional music career. Al’s quest to give a “voice” to his exploration and expression strained against his cultural milieu as he found resonance with Progressive Metal and inspiration from Creed, Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D, Pillar, Pantera, and Sevendust.

From the lyrical texture of Jimi Hendrix, BB King, George Benson, Albert King to the overall musical prowess of Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, and Greg Howe, Al formed his style and openly pays homage. Al began his professional career as the lead guitarist and singer for the Progressive Metal band, “The Great Gamble.” Their debut album “Book One” caught the attention of Jan Cyrka, legendary artist and founder of Jam Track Central. Jam Track Central works with some of the world’s best guitarists and teachers to provide its members with a depth and range of guitar playing knowledge and technical understanding.

The JTC catalog includes original artist jam tracks, online lessons and full album backing packages covering many music genres including rock, metal, blues, fusion, and jazz. The artists and teachers are highly respected world-renowned players including Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Andy James, Jack Thammarat, Marco Sfogli, Kiko Loureiro, Jeff Loomis and much more. After their very first meeting, Jan invited Al to join the Team. In 2013 JTC released Al’s debut solo instrumental album, “Out In The Open.” Speaking to a new generation of Progressive Metal music connoisseurs, “Out In The Open,” received instant international recognition.

In 2016 Al relocated to Los Angeles, California and began work on his second Solo Album All of Creation with JTC, which is now available on iTunes and all other platforms. Featuring some of the world’s most fierce shredders from guitar to violin, “All of Creation” keeps its roots firmly planted as it intones the voice of the Millennials.

Nightlights (feat. Jack Gardiner): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QOwtj_GOtE

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