June 2, 2023
Adrian Vandenberg Believes Ronnie Romero's Vocals On "Burning Heart" Has More Emotional Depth Than The Original

By Andrew Catania

Adrian Vandenberg decided to reform his band Vandenberg that includes Ronnie Romero on vocals, Randy van der Elsen on bass, and Koen Herfst on drums.

I’m a huge Adrian Vandenberg fan and any project he’s involved with I grab as soon as it comes out.  Vandenberg 2020 doesn’t disappoint!

Adrian Vandenberg Puts Out His Best Record Yet With "Vandenberg 2020"

Ronnie Romero and Adrian are a perfect fit for this album.  Going back through his catalog, I think 2020 is the best album of his career.

I feel that Adrian hasn’t been given his props in Whitesnake with John Sykes and Steve Vai overshadowing.

The album was produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie). Vandenberg explains the choice. “I went to Los Angeles to meet a few potential producers. Bob was one of these, and his melodic yet hard rocking approach fitted in well with what I was after, and we had a great connection right away. We spent three weeks working at Bob’s studio in LA, and then I spent a little more time finishing things at my home studio.”

I think the remake of Burning Heart is my favorite track along with “shitstorm.”

Be sure to check ing Vandenberg 2020 at all streaming sites and available for purchase of physical copies through Mascot Records.





2 thoughts on “Adrian Vandenberg Puts Out His Best Record Yet With “Vandenberg 2020”

  1. This album rocks but has a strong Rainbow influence going on with it and is a bit laid back with the guitar solos……The first 3 Vandenberg albums are classics!…I did not care for the Moonkings release that much……

  2. Love the Vandenberg 2020, I think it’s fantastic. I just recieved my copy in the mail. Enjoying it very much!

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