A New Revenge Release New Video For “Never Let You Go”

Hard Rock group A New Revenge featuring veteran vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper, Night Ranger),  James Kottak (Scorpions), and Rudy Sarzo release a new video from there forthcoming album “Enemies and Lovers” titled “Never Let You Go.”

With Enemies & Lovers due out March 29, A New Revenge is now trying to figure out its horizon amidst the members’ busy schedules. Conflicts have already impacted the filming of its two videos — for “Never Let You Go” and “The Way,” filmed the same day in Los Angeles with Hired Gun director Fran Strine — with Phil Soussan filling in for Sarzo, who had scheduling issues. “We try to carve out time when we can, but it’s hard ’cause everyone’s so busy,” Kelli notes. “We’re trying our best, but we don’t have the power of a huge band like Metallica or Slipknot or something.” Nevertheless, Kelli says some live shows later in the year are possible, while he and the others intend for A New Revenge to be a going concern and are already working on ideas for new songs.

“We don’t want to call this band a ‘project’ — that’s why we have a name for it,” he explains. “We’ve talked to people in Russia, who want us back, and in Europe and South America. There’s interest. I really am proud of the record, and I want people to hear it. And I want us to do more. I think it’s too good not to.”


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