A Look At Banshee’s 2012 Release “Mindslave” Featuring New Singer George Call

With our recent interview with former vocalist Tommy Lee Flood, we now examing Banshee’s 2012 release titled “Mindslave” featuring George Call (ASKA, CLOVEN HOOF) on vocals
Pestered relentlessly in 2018 by Groove and Vibe Fest promoter, Steve Susman, and Micah Jackson of Visionary Noise Records, Banshee made a triumphant return to the stage and signed a new recording deal with Visionary Noise in July 2018. Banshee is currently in the studio recording their 5th album, tentatively entitled, “The Madness” due in 2019.
Check the videos below to hear Terry Dunn’s blistering guitar work and George’s soaring vocals won’t disappoint Banshee fans.


For more information on Banshee please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BansheeRocks/

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