A Future NOT SO BRIGHT For One Particular Guitar Company

What happens when you take a once proud guitar company and your son inherits the business who has no real-world business experience and has a made up background? An utter disaster!

Growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s taking over his dads business in Tampa, Florida. With no brand strategy except an exceptional deceased guitarist and a very famous one that probably carries his company to which he talks junk about.

He leads by fear.  If you question or challenge him, he threatens you with the lawyers he has on retainer.

During his Adderall fits, he’d text his employees at 3 am calling them all kinds of expletives to which he wouldn’t remember coming into the office the next day at 3 PM with decisions they’d both agree on the day before.

He dismisses an artist off his roster that had the best selling signature guitar from his custom shop. His longtime custom shop employee leaves the company.

He’s not paying his vendors in full.  When a vendor would demand payment in full, he’d pay them a percentage of the balance due and if they didn’t like that, Daddy’s lawyers would be assigned to bury that company in legal mumbo jumbo, paperwork, and court proceedings.

Their longtime Chief Operating Officer is currently serving time in prison for possessing child pornography in 2017.  Don’t bother trying to Google it as you won’t find a trace about it.  The family spent a considerable amount of money on family attorneys getting him out of a possible 30-year prison sentence down to just two years.

Behind closed doors, he talks crap about a majority of his endorsees.  One of his endorsees that carries the company flag the proudest has the most crap spoke about them.

He will claim publicly the business is doing great, behind closed doors they’re bleeding.  The families commercial properties income is keeping them afloat.

When his next temper tantrum arises, will he have a guitar company to “oversee”?

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