Bolt-On Or Neck-Through?

Bolt-On Or Neck-Through?

By Andrew Catania

Ranging from acoustic guitars, electric guitars all the way to bass guitars, one can notice the differences in their construction. Among the reasons why someone would purchase a guitar with a particular structure is its pocket-friendliness, tonality and also the feel while handling the guitar.

Bolt on neck guitars have the guitar neck, and the guitar body joined with bolts or screws. They are common because generally, they are more economical. Their affordability is not only for the purchase but also in repair. In the case of damage, they are cheaper and easier to put back in order. When it comes to businesses, bolt on neck guitars is more economical when it comes to production. One can produce scores of bolt on neck guitars at a meager price.

The tonality offered by a bolt on neck guitars is excellent. To a great extent, it is referred to as their sonic signature. The note sharpness, definition, and firmness is stressed by the guitar’s bolt pops and snaps. At the same time, it adds to a sarcastic tone. Furthermore, a bolt on neck guitar has more vibrations and sustain. This fact adds to the uniqueness of the sound quality it produces.

Musicians love to be in control. With bolt on neck guitars, one can control his/her guitar about its position. Different guitarists would have a preference for the different neck to body angles. For these guitars, it is made possible by some adjustment screw. With any adjustment, the angle either increases or decreases as per the guitarist’s preference.

Neck thru guitars, on the other hand, have there all the way to the very end of the guitar as their name suggests. Much as they are more expensive than bolt on neck guitars, they are the best for a combination of processing effects. Therefore, they are also created for metals. This is outstanding quality.

Talking of sturdiness, neck thru guitars are the sturdiest in the market. This is solely because of their construction methodology: when the neck is extended, it becomes the midpoint of the body thus adding strength to it. Another advantage of its structure is the providence of a top notch sustain and the ability of the guitar to stay in tune for a longer time. Clearly, with its strength, the guitar is worth investing in. Its repairs are expensive, but the fact is that it takes a lot of effort to damage the instrument.

The choice of a guitar depends on the buyer and his or her requirements. In the case that the user loves a combination of effects, a neck through guitar is to be considered. That is the reason w bolt on neck guitars are mostly acoustics while neck thru guitars is mostly bass guitars. When it comes to electric guitars, correct choices have to be made depending on the cost and benefits that come along with the price. The clumsiness of the user should also be considered as repairs are cheap on one end and expensive on the other.

In a nutshell, both guitars are great, and preferences depend on the intended user’s requirements and how much he or she is willing to invest in the guitar.

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