August 10, 2022
Todd Verni And Nightbreak Are Ready To Rock With Their New Single

NIGHTBREAK was initially formed in 1991 under the name “Wicked Youth” by founding member Guitarist & Lead Vocalist, Todd Verni. Along with his family and close friends as teenagers living on Long Island, New York. With a Rock friendly, PRE Grunge vibe, the band was stylistically & harmoniously in flow with the traditional bands of the 70’s and 80’s. As the mid 90’s approached, the band dismembered while moving forward into forming their bands with more of an era friendly heavier sound. As the early 2000’s marched in the sound of hard-edged Rock & Metal music were long gone from the mainstream media. Taking over the clubs were the ashes & remixes in the form of tribute bands of AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses, KISS, etc. Todd decided now is the time to get back to basics and started writing fresh material for fans of the now deemed “old school” crowd of listeners. Now under a new name “NIGHTBREAK” as of 2005, the original members headed into the studio to record their first self-titled LP with producer, Dan Malloy. Over ten years later & hard at work on their now 4th record, the name continues to grow along with an overflow of new internet musicians. All due to the appreciation & dedication of those who still yearn for quality Rock & Metal music that still lives on in many of our hearts.

Todd Verni And Nightbreak Are Ready To Rock With Their New Single

Todd Verni started playing guitar at eight years old in 1984, self-taught and brought up in a family of musicians, being a left-handed player, he started off on acoustics then gravitated towards Cort and Ibanez electrics in his early teens. During the recording of Nightbreaks debut record, Todd used a Kramer Striker on 90% of the album while switching between a Fender 50th Anniversary Strat with Marshall half stacks and a Peavey 5150 for all leads and lead Rhythms. For the records that followed and present day, Todd prefers Jacksons, ESP and PRS guitars for studio and live. His influences include Slash, Scotti Hill, Randy Rhoads, Michael Sweet, John Kirk, Dimebag, Bruce Kulick, to name a few.

For more information on Nightbreak, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NIGHTBREAKINC/

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