4X12 Shrapnel Records Edition

All That Shreds Magazine in conjunction with The Shred OGs Podcast on KATN Radio San Diego presents…

4×12 with your host Andrew Banks 

Shrapnel Records edition

FOUR Guitar Greats are asked a new question over TWELVE months.  Thus became the name “4 x 12”, just like the cabinets they shred through!!

In total, sixteen guitarists of various styles participated.  We now have a Shrapnel Records, Blue Mouth Promotions, Higher Spirit and an Over The Top segment on the 1st, 7th, 21st and 28th of each month for an entire year!

So have fun comparing answers.  Crank up your own 4×12 and jam on this…

JANUARY 2020 – What plans, projects, events, etc. do you have planned for 2020 that we can all anticipate and look forward to?

Mike Varney:

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I’m looking into a new venture for 2020.  It’s too premature to announce or discuss at this time, but you guys will be among the first to know when I’m ready to roll things out!  I can say that it is music-related!

Greg Howe:

4X12 Shrapnel Records Edition

The plan as it stands now is to release a new LP this summer and tour the US on the strength of the release.  My last release was ‘Wheelhouse’ in late 2017.  We plan on touring the new LP in Europe around October or November.  Another project I would like to complete is an instructional video before the year is over.  Might do something again with Grammy-nominated drummer Simon Phillips and Protocol.  Andy Timmons is on the first three Protocol LPs and I’m on the fourth.

Vinnie Moore:

4X12 Shrapnel Records Edition

I have a 2-week solo tour in Europe starting on January 15.  It will be awesome to play some of the songs from my new album “SOUL SHIFTER” which just came out.  Then we start another UFO tour in the US mid-February.  It is looking like the “UFO Last Orders Tour” will continue in South America in May and possibly beyond.  So at the moment, it looks like I will be doing a good amount of touring for the first half of the year.

Joey Tafolla:

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I play guitar on a new project called “Of Gods & Monsters” with Deen Castronovo on drums from The Dead Daisies, Journey and Ozzy. Tim Gaines from Stryper and Aldo Nova is on Bass and Kevin Goocher from Omen and Phantom-X is on vocals.  This was a fun project to do.  Look for it to be released this month!  We have a few shows scheduled for late January in the Southwest.

I also played on a CD for guitarist Paco Ventura, a song called “Tu Vida” with Stu Hamm on bass and another project with drummer Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen and Hammerfall) for producer Michael Voss’ “Wolfpakk” project.  The song is ‘The Legend’. Oh, yea, and a song on the New “Syndicate 4” CD called ‘Scars Inside’.

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