4×12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition

All That Shreds Magazine in conjunction with host Andrew Banks of KATN / The Shred OGs Podcast, asks FOUR Guitar Greats a new question over TWELVE months.  Thus became the name “4 x 12”, just like the cabinets they shred through!!

In total, sixteen guitarists of various styles and experience participated.  We now have a Shrapnel Records, Blue Mouth Promotions, Higher Spirit and an Over The Top segment on the 1st, 7th, 14th and 21st of each month for an entire year!

So have fun comparing answers as some in the months to come will inform and surprise you!  Time to crank up your 4×12 and jam on this…

JANUARY – What plans, projects, events, etc. do you have planned for 2020 that we can all anticipate and look forward to?

Mike Keneally:

4x12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition

The main thing that’s going on at the moment is the Devin Townsend Empath Volume One tour, featuring a ten-piece band playing songs from his new album ‘Empath’ (which Devin and I co-produced) along with a selection of earlier songs from his career and a couple of interesting covers.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time on the road – it’s just an unbelievable band and we’re bringing it to North America February/March 2020.

I’ll be playing with Zappa At… (which is the band from The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa hologram tour we did earlier this year) at some Anaheim/LA area shows in January – those will be shows without the hologram.

Later in 2020 I’ll be dividing my time between Devin Townsend gigs and Zappa gigs both with and without the hologram.  I’m also co-composing a new theatrical work with Todd Rundgren, who was a major musical hero of mine when I was growing up, so that’s a huge project for me.  There’s another album and band called MFTJ that I’m half of, but I think we’re keeping details about that on the down-low for the moment.  And finally, there are several solo releases of mine which will be covering a lot of ground, but they’re kind of secret as well right now.  So there will be a lot keeping me busy next year.

Andy Timmons:

4x12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition

I’ll be headed out to California a week before NAMM to work on a recording project with guitarist Josh Smith.

Then on Saturday, January 18th ATB – The Andy Timmons Band will be participating in a fantastic concert called X-Jamm.  Artists will include the John Ferrara-Seth Moutal DuoCosmosquadTravis Larson Band and HEADLINING is the “Zappa at…” Alumni band.  There will also be a number of guest musicians from around the world playing in a structured jam at the end of the evening.  This is the 3rd X-Jamm concert, and it takes place at the M-3 Live Events Center on South Harbor Boulevard, just a few minute’s walk from NAMM itself.  The venue is a 1000 seat theater with a full bar and food available.  NAMM credentials are NOT required to go to the show.  Tickets are on sale now and it is open to the public, not just NAMM attendees.  It always sells out.  So if you are anywhere in SoCal on that date, this is a must-see show.  The organizers are a small boutique booking agency called Blue Mouth Promotions (BMP).  They feel that great music is deserving of an appreciative audience, so they started X-Jamm during NAMM to showcase bands they love!

I also have a recording project with Matt and Gregg Bissonette called the Redd Coats that should also come out sometime later in 2020.  I will also continue recording lots of content for my www.guitarxperience.net website.  This has been a great way to document all the best-known material from my recorded past and to teach every aspect of how to play each song.  I really feel I’ve been growing as BOTH a player and as a teacher.  It has taken me a while to figure out that I am most definitely a happier person if I am practicing and learning on a regular basis.

Christophe Godin:

4x12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition

Mörglbl will release their 20th Anniversary Live DVD, as well as a new project that’s kept secret right now!  We will tour A LOT to promote the DVD and then take some time off to compose for the next album!  We’ll visit the US, Russia, China and of course Europe again, and again, and agaiiiiiiiiiiin!!

Travis Larson:

4x12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition

Time permitting, we need to work on the next Travis Larson Band album!  Our most recent album ‘Anicca’ came out in 2016.  We usually try to do something new every two years.  However with the 20th Anniversary Tour in 2018 and then supporting The Aristocrats on their North American tour in 2019, it’ll be four years by the time we get something else out!

Please support each artist’s new releases, projects, tours and the companies who endorse them.


If you are in Southern California on January 18th, don’t miss the X-Jamm.

Tickets on sale now at…   https://www.showclix.com › event › x-jamm2020

4x12 Blue Mouth Promotions Edition


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