4X12: A New Segment Coming To All That Shreds In 2020!

We are pleased to announce the debut of 4 x 12 starting 1 January 2020.  Four guitarists are asked a revealing and interesting question by Host Andrew Banks every month during 2020.  Four guitarists, twelve questions… thus the name 4 x 12.  Just like the cabinets they shred through!

The questions have been challenging and fun for each guest.  Your host Andrew Banks takes a different approach beyond the questions typically asked of celebrities.  With the goal of discovering and uncovering more about our guests on a personal level, you will be entertained and possibly surprised by some of the answers.

Our guest guitarist lineup will be as follows…

1st of each month – Shrapnel Records Edition with…
Mike Varney
Greg Howe
Vinnie Moore
• Joey Tafolla

7th of each month – BMP* Edition with…
• Mike Keneally
• Andy Timmons
Christophe Godin
• Travis Larson

21st of each month – Higher Spirit Edition with …
Frank Marino
• Roy Z
Randy Hansen
• Adam Rey

So check the All That Shreds website on New Years Day 2020 and every month that follows.

* BMP stands for artists that are on the Blue Mouth Promotions roster.  Be sure to buy your tickets NOW to see Mike Keneally, Andy Timmons and Travis Larson in concert at this years NAMM show in Anaheim on January 18th 2020. Attached is the poster and tickets are on sale now.  As did last year, this will be a sold out event so buy tix now!  Just the “Zappa at…“ series sells out everywhere it plays, plus you get to experience four additional acts opening up!

4X12: A New Segment Coming To All That Shreds In 2020!

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