After 33 years Jake E Lee Should Finally Get Song Credits From the Osbournes for BATM

After 33 years Jake E Lee Should Finally Get Song Credits From the Osbournes for BATM

By Andrew Catania

The story of Ozzy Osbourne and Jake E Lee remains a great tale as old as time. Do you know that a musician without any prior business knowledge can be screwed up in a deal? This is exactly what happened between Jake and Ozzy. Jake has played on The Ultimate Sin and Bark at the Moon while operating with Ozzy.   Sharon Osbourne openly screwed Jake over royalties and songwriting credits. While Ozzy and Jake signed a deal, it later backfired to hurt the guitarist.

Jake E Lee was promised writing credits and even publishing before the deal. The primary problem with Jake is that he had no lawyer or management. Ozzy Osbourne has promised Jake of everything coming while he keeps on working on the album and signed the deal. As inquisitive as it gets, Jake keeps asking because he is about to complete the music recording. While Jake finally dropped the track of the guitar playing, Ozzy mentioned the contract is ready. Right in the surreptitious deal, it is agreed that Ozzy Osbourne handled the writing of all songs. Jake is not the original writer and cannot as well claim any publishing. In the contract, it also mentioned that Jake cannot claim to have the rights to the music publicly.

While Jake questioned the contact, Sharon admitted that this isn’t the agreement. It is important to know that Ozzy Osbourne already has the tracks of the songs from Jake. This means if Jake did not sign the contract, he will be given a return flight ticket home. Ozzy can now hire another guitarist to redo the tracks Jake already suffered for and nothing will ever go to him. The entire schematics of Sharon sounds mean and if Jake took any action, things may get worse. For this reason, Jake decided not to participate in The Ultimate Sin until a good contract is signed. Jake also mentioned that both publishing and writing credits should be given to him for The Ultimate Sin. Sharon Osbourne took a clever run on Jake Lee at all costs.

Do you know why Jake even agreed to do the recordings before signing a real contract? For one, Jake was on a farm in the middle of Europe recording the tracks.  For this reason, it was easy for Sharon to easily screw him up. Once your tracks are already written, you will not have sufficient bargaining strength. Even when your songs are recorded, they will not have any value to you again. For the music business, this is really a painful experience on Jake E Lee. With Ozzy Osborne, Jake may have appeared on a couple of albums. However, Jake has really supported Sharon score two of the most successful commercial releases. Jake is the backbone of the success of the Ozzy Osbourne’s illustrious and long career.

As a kid, Jake took classical piano courses. Lee received support from his older sister and mixed up with rock record collection. Lee picked up a guitar in his teenage years being influenced by technically and fiery expert players such as Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, and Tommy Bolin. Bark at the Moon remains the first album of Jake with Osbourne. This remains a platinum hit and released that emanated after a mammoth tour. This album confirmed that Lee is one of the best guitarists during his time. In 1985, after another wonderful festival, Osbourne and Jake stopped and immediately started working on the second album.

In 1986, The Ultimate Sin remains Osbourne’s most commercial-striking album of his solo career. This album also moved into another platinum hit for Osbourne and become a sold-out success. In the meantime, both Osbourne and JakeE  Lee fell out behind the scene. This is because Osbourne’s unpredictable behavior caused by drug abuse and alcohol made.  Sharon again screwed Jake and dismissed him in 1987.  Without any iota of doubt, Jake E Lee remains the backbone of Osbourne’s hit albums. Jake is also one of the best guitarists today in the world. Jake E Lee is a natural artist with a good humor of playing the guitar.

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  1. Everyone know that Sharon is a total bitch and screws everyone, so why would this be any different. Although unfortunate for Jake, she has made a living for her and her husband on her bad dealings.

  2. Sharon screwed everyone, literally. Even us. She even deprived us the real recordings of blizzard and Doam by cutting out the original tracks and mixing in new musicians so royalties would not be paid. She left RR in though. Knowing full well he was magic and Oz would be dead if RR didn’t come along and save him. Jake deserves recognition, he’s a damn fine musician too.

  3. You have to remember the “crash” of Napster, so there is a period of time I might be able to see where Sharon is coming from.

    On the other hand, I remember my brother explaining the Tribute album and how it must have went down behind the scenes. Can you imagine approaching Delores Rhoads and trying to explain; “Yeah, we took your son for a ride. We made him super-famous. But, in 2 or 3 years time, he died. (Kind of due to us.) Now, we would like your permission to use his music to make a record that we will get rich from.”

    That all took place way before Napster.

    So, yeah, it sounds to me like Sharon is a Ruthless business mind that has had no problem screwing artists over for her entire career.

    I used to praise Ozzy for making so many guitarists famous. I even thought everything on BATM and The Ultimate sin were all Jake. Now I see why so many came and went.

    Jake is a unique talent. Not many people played like him. I would rank DeMartini, Lynch and Lee as the same school of guitarists, but Jake was just so aggressive a player in that school that he stands out as unique. It’s a true shame that he got screwed over on the business dealings.

  4. I have ran lights for Jake 3 times and he is without a doubt the greatest guitar player I have ever seen live. He deserves to have his name credited to the songs he wrote.

  5. I saw Ozzy and Jake E Lee perform this years ago in London. If this story is true I think it is pretty outrageous. Jake E Lee should get all the royalties due to him plus interest. Listening to Jake describing things like the tonality of the riff, I am inclined to think the claim is all true. I read one comment saying it’s all his fault for not checking the small print. Why? He’s a creative not a lawyer. Same story with many great musicians

  6. I’ve heard countless stories like this,not just with Ozzy but in the music business in general. All the money is in the writing and publishing, and if we as artists/musicians don’t know our business, the same thing will happen to us. Always take a music business course if you want a music career.

  7. It’s time for Sharon and Oz to come clean and pay Jake for his part of BATM, and TUS albums. Sharon and Oz have had there slice of the pie that Jake made the fillings for. .Time To Pay Up. Pay Jake Oz, don’t be a bum,,, we know your not a monster like Sharon.

  8. Is Jaking asking for past royalties and money as new royalties will be nearly nonexistent. It is Sharon’s belief that they are making a musicians career by.playing with Ozzy. If that is the case then the musicians should only have played what they were told and not write music’s or lyrics. Remember that Ozzy only wrote one Sabbath song.

  9. You know that once Ozzy is dead a buried, that bitch $haron will put up ALL of Ozzy’s music up for sale so she can collect even more money off his name…..and others (Jake E.Lee for example)

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