2019 All That Shreds Magazine’s Guitarist Of The Year: Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti

We’ve had unconventional thinking in our winners this year.  The Guitarist of the year category is something that means something different to everyone. I have two email boxes full of people mindlessly noodling on the fretboard, asking me to listen and feature them.  After a while, they all sound the same and get comfortable to hit the delete key pretty quick.  When you think of a guitarist, you think of someone who can write a great song, have the solo serve that song, don’t get into a dick measuring contest in a three-minute song that people will get bored of an extended, pretentious solo.  Someone who’s a team member and writes excellent songs and endorses some kick-ass shit with his name on it.  Someone who admits that he’s not a shredder at all but is an overall great guitarist.  That someone is Alter Bridge guitarist and Tremonti frontman Mark Tremonti.

Mark has been the most interviewed artist on this website.  Mark being a fellow Floridian and even Orlando resident is quite different considering most people I speak to are in California. Mark is a writing machine.  When I interviewed him when A Dying Machine came out, he already was writing and almost done with writing the follow-up.

2019 All That Shreds Magazine's Guitarist Of The Year: Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti
Photo by Cheyenne Comerford

Mark has said he doesn’t put his name on equipment unless he’s put it through the wringer and can stand the riggers of touring.  If anyone has tried the PRS MT-15, you’ll know that amp kicks ass.  The MT-100 should be debuted at NAMM 2020 next month.

From his Wah pedal to his PRS endorsement, Mark Tremonti is a guitarist and musician would want in his band.  Dedicated, hard-working, talented, non-ego kind of guy that can back up everything I’m writing with his lyrics and his music.

I’ve said on many occasions that Tremonti will ultimately end up in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for his contribution to rock music. This is why Mark Tremonti is All That Shred’s Magazine’s 2019 Guitarist Of The Year!

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