August 18, 2022
Queensrÿche Announce New Album 'The Verdict' & 2019 Tour

We’ve had many exciting new releases in 2019.  A couple of releases that I was looking forward to was Alter Bridges and Queensryche’s The Verdict.

When Blood Of The Levant single came out, Todd LaTorre and the band were on fire.  Todd recorded the drums, too, which was awesome.  They’ll always be people who prefer the Tate fronted Queensryche vers the LaTorre fronted.  I’m one who likes both.  I believe Todd gave this band a kick in the nuts when it was most needed at the time when Tate wasn’t producing Queensryche albums that I’d run out and purchase.

Since LaTorre has taken over vocals, Queensryche has put out their best music in 25 years.  Michael Wilton is a severely uncelebrated guitarist. Todd is his person.  He’ll always live in the shadow of Geoff Tate to some, and he holds his own and then some.  This is why The Verdict is All That Shreds Magazine’s 2019 Album Of The Year!

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