After 20 Years In Hiding, Vinnie Vincent Makes An Appearance At The Kiss Expo

The day many Vinnie Vincent fans have been waiting for.  The return of the former KISS axe slinger.  Vinnie made an appearance on Eddie Trunks show on Sirius XM.

On why he decided to appear at the KISS expo:

Vinnie: “We have to thank [KISS Expo promoter] Derek Christopher because he was relentless. He contacted Mark Nolan, my best friend, and attorney. Derek spent eight months unrelenting — aggressiveness but nice. He was a really good guy, and I read his e-mails, I read everything that he’d sent Mark, and Mark and I talked. He said, ‘This guy seems like a really good guy.’ And he was. When we first talked with Derek, I said, ‘I really like him. If I’m going to do this, I want to do this with somebody I like, with somebody who cares.’

“My life became small. I wanted to become as small as I could be. I became very happy, very content. All I do is I play, I write, I record, I take care of my dogs. I have a really private, peaceful life now, and I haven’t had that in a long time. A lot of fans know a lot of things, but they also don’t know a lot of things.”

Why he’s vanished from the public eye:

Vinnie: “I spent 20 years in hell. The broad strokes were very… they could have been not so broad. They could have been quickly and amicably could have eliminated 20 years of pain. I would say about KISS; these are my friends. These are guys I love. I love them to this day. I’ve got tremendous memories that are wonderful. Most of them are. Not always can you have a band and have a certain… I hate this word ‘magic,’ but it is magic. It’s something you can’t put into words. THE BEATLES had that. THE WHO has it. [LEDZEPPELIN had it. I always looked for that, and I never found it until I met them. It was something that, ‘This is the glue. This is the ingredients that I never found.’ It was everything you put into a mix that blows up. Good and bad.

His Feelings on the Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums:

Vinnie: “I feel very strongly about them. The second record should have never happened. Rob[Fleischman] should have stayed with the project. The basic sound of that record was like [JimmyPage and [RobertPlant — it was Rob and me. That first record was pretty red-hot. It was my vision; Rob singing; everything was just right. The second version of it should have been aborted, should have never happened. I had the power; I should have taken it. I should have called the shots, which should have been, ‘Stop this. Revamp it. Go back, let me get the people I need.’ The people that were involved with it at that time should not have been involved with it, but it was such a publicity machinery piece of… it was like a product. It was all publicity and hype. The songs, I felt were really good, but I didn’t feel the music came out to be… the records weren’t what I would have done. I would have never settled on records like that. When I say records, the first one, yes; the second one, no; and that singer [Mark Slaughter] was unbearable as far as I’m concerned.”

I disagree with Vinnie about the All Systems Go album.  It was a strong album, and Mark Slaughter is a great singer.  You can listen to his Q&A in its entirety here:

You can listen to Vinnie’s interview with Eddie Trunk in its entirety here:

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  1. Like him or not , Vinnie has had one hell of a kick ass music career that most musicians out there will never achieve….Gotta respect him

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